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Iraj Nozari(ایرج نوذری)


Iraj Nozari(ایرج نوذری)


Born: February 26th 1964 in Nozari, Iraj, Iran

Nozari, Iraj (born February 26, 1964, Tehran) Iraj Nozari is the son of the late actor Manoochehr Nozari. He has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and can speak many languages, including Sanskrit, Indian, Urdu, Spanish, French and English. He is also the head of International affairs of Iran's Kung Fu martial arts. Nozari initially appeared in the films 'Avinar' (1991), directed by Shahram Asadi, and 'Last Bid' (1991), directed by Siamak Etemadi. He then left Iran for Spain. After a 12-year hiatus, he finally returned to the silver screen in 2003 with Saman Moqaddam’s 'Café Setareh'. He has also appeared in films and series such Read More.. as 'Passenger from India' (2002), 'Aquarium' (2005), by Iraj Qaderi, 'Lover' (2006), by Afshin Sherkat, 'Coma' (2008) and 'Hereafter' (2010).


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Iraj Nozari(ایرج نوذری)