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Houman Haji Abdollahi


Houman Haji Abdollahi


Born: July 14th 1975 in Tehran, Iran

Haji-Abdollahi, Houman (born July 14, 1975, Tehran) Houman Haji-Abdollahi lives in Tehran. Haji-Abdollahi has been working as an actor, a voice actor and announcer since 1992. He has acted in movies such as ‘How Much for You to Cry?’ (2005), ‘Octopus’ (2011), and ‘Stingy’ (2012) and television series such as ‘The Capital 2’ (2013), ‘The Capital 3’ (2014), and ‘The Capital 4’ (2015). Haji-Abdollahi has been the announcer of talk shows such as ‘Night Path’ and ‘Triangle’ and TV contests such as ‘In a Hundred Seconds’, ‘The Golden Cup’, ‘The Golden Sphere’, ‘Behind the Line’ and ‘Snakes and L Read More.. adders’. He has voiced the doll character of Pangoul in the program ‘The Rainbow’ and also hosted various radio programs.


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Houman Haji Abdollahi