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Hossein Yari (حسین یاری)


Hossein Yari (حسین یاری)


Born: January 6th 1968 in Malayer,Iran

Hossein Yari (حسین یاری) was born in 1968. He started acting in theatre first, then he joined the Iranian TV. The TV series Shabe Dahom (the Tenth Night), directed by Hassan Fathi, owes much of its popularity to Yari's performance. Yari won the best actor in a leading role for his performance in maturity 1999. In 2005, Hossein Yari starred in the internationally acclaimed film Dame sobh (Day Break) as a prisoner on Death Row whose execution (with the slim chance of a pardoning) keeps getting postponed.


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Hossein Yari (حسین یاری)


Hossein Yari (حسین یاری)


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