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Hossein Panahi (حسین پناهی دژکوه)


Hossein Panahi (حسین پناهی دژکوه)


Born: August 28th 1956 in Kohgiluyeh County, Iran

Hossein Panahi (حسین پناهی دژکوه) is a well-known Iranian poet and actor who was born on the 28 August 1956. He graduated from the Anahita Art School and started his career as an actor on television with the programme 'Mahalleh Behdaasht' (Hygiene Neighborhood). However, the TV programme 'Two dugs in fog' was the one that marked the beginning of Hossein Panahi's successful career. Panahi died on the 4 August 2004 from a heart attack.


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Hossein Panahi (حسین پناهی دژکوه)