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Hossein Moheb Ahari


Hossein Moheb Ahari


Born in Tehran in 1951, Hossein Moheb Ahari is best known for his roles in 'When We Are All Sleep' (2009), 'The Spouse' (1994) and 'Pickpockets Don't Go To Heaven' (1993). He was nominated for Best Male Actor for the leading role in the double award-winning Golchehreh (2011) at the Twenty-ninth International Fajr Film Festival.


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Hossein Moheb Ahari


Hossein Moheb Ahari


Actor (29 credits)
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Sarbedaran Goodbye the Shirazian Girl - Khoda hafez Dokhter Shirazi - خداحافظ دختر شیرازی2018
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Sarbedaran Resident of Middle Floor - Sakene Tabaghe Vasat - ساکن طبقه وسط2015Watch Now
Sarbedaran The Fourth Child - Farzande Chaharom - فرزند چهارم2013
Sarbedaran My Father's Love Story - Gheseye Eshghe Pedar - قصهٔ عشق پدرم2012
Sarbedaran Adam's Son Eve's Daughter - Pesare Adam Dokhtare Hava - پسر آدم دختر حوا2010Watch Now
Sarbedaran Golchehreh - Golchehreh - گلچهره2010
Sarbedaran When we're All Asleep - Vaghti Hame Khabim - وقتی همه خوابیم2009Watch Now
Sarbedaran Awakening - Bidari - بیداری2008Watch Now
Sarbedaran Spaghetti in 8 minutes - Spaghetti Dar 8 Daghighe - اسپاگتی در هشت دقیقه2004Watch Now
Sarbedaran Mr. Luck - Aghaye Shans - آقای شانس1996
Sarbedaran The Optimist - Khosh-Khial - خوش‌ خیال1996
Sarbedaran The Paper Bride - Aroose Khaghazi - عروس کاغذی1996
Sarbedaran Kakadu - Kakadou - کاکادو1996Watch Now
Sarbedaran Path of Glory - Rahe Eftekhar - راه افتخار1994
Sarbedaran The Spouse - Hamsar - همسر1993Watch Now
Sarbedaran Angel's Day - Rooze fereshteh - روز فرشته1993
Sarbedaran Thieves Don't Go to Heaven - JibborHa Be Behesht Nemiravand - جیب‌بر‌ها به بهشت نمی‌روند1992Watch Now
Sarbedaran The Great Circus - Sirke Bozorg - سیرک بزرگ1991
Sarbedaran Atal Matal Tootooleh - Atal Matal Tootooleh - اتل متل توتوله1991Watch Now
Sarbedaran Two Movies with One Ticket - Do Film Ba Yek Belit - دو فیلم با یک بلیط1990Watch Now
Sarbedaran The Extraordinary Journey - Safare Jadooei - سسفر جادویی1990
Sarbedaran The Consignment - Mahmoole - محموله1988
Sarbedaran Mute Contact - Rabeteh - رابطه1986Watch Now
The Enigma of the KinThe Enigma of the King - Moammaye Shah - معمای شاهWatch Now
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