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Hossein Jafarian ( حسین جعفریان‎ )


Hossein Jafarian ( حسین جعفریان‎ )

Cinematographer | Writer | Actor | Photographer

Hossein Jafarian ( حسین جعفریان‎ ) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian cinematographer who was born on the 24th of March, 1944 in Tehran. He completed his studies at the University of Dramatic Arts in Tehran and started his long career in television and cinema soon after his graduation. Jafarian worked on many noteworthy feature films, including One Night (2005), Fireworks Wednesday (2007) and the award-nominated film About Elly (2009).


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Hossein Jafarian ( حسین جعفریان‎ )


Hossein Jafarian ( حسین جعفریان‎ )

Cinematographer | Writer | Actor | Photographer

Cinematographer (46 credits)
Popular - Amme Pasand - عامه پسند2019
Sara and Aida - Sara Va Aida - سارا و آیدا2017Watch Now
Aba Jan - Abajan - آباجان2017Watch Now
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Duet - Dooet - دوئت2016
The Salesman - Forushandeh - فروشنده2016
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The Last Fifty Steps - Panjah Ghadame Akhar - پنجاه قدم آخر2014Watch Now
Che - Che - چ2014Watch Now
Nowhere, Nobody - Hich Koja, Hich Kas - هیچ کجا هیچ کس2013
Kissing The Moonlike Face - Boosidane Rooye Mah - بوسيدن روی ماه2012Watch Now
Gold and Copper - Tala va Mes - طلا و مس2011
Punishment - Keifar - کیفر2009Watch Now
About Elly - Darbareye Elly - درباره الی2009
Heiran - Heyran - حیران2009Watch Now
The Wall - Divar - دیوار2008Watch Now
Behind the Scenes: Eternal Kids - Poshte Sahneh: Bache Haye Abadi - پشت صحنه بچه های ابدی2006Watch Now
A Few Days Later... - Chand rooz ba'd... - چند روز بعد...2006
Eternal Kids - Bachehaye Abadi - بچه های ابدی2006Watch Now
One Night - Yek Shab - یک شب2006Watch Now
Fireworks Wednesday - Chaharshanbeh Soori - چهارشنبه سوری2006Watch Now
Friday Evening - Asre Jomeh - عصر جمعه2005Watch Now
A Piece of Bread - Yek Tekkeh Naan - یک تکه نان2005Watch Now
Candle in the Wind - Shami Dar Bad - شمعی در باد2003Watch Now
Crimson Gold - Talaye Sorkh - طلای سرخ2003
A Place to Live - Jayi Baraye Zendegi - جایی برای زندگی2003
Hard Times in Khomein - Senobar - صنوبر2002
Grey - Khakestari - خاکستری2001Watch Now
Under the Skin of the City - Zire Pooste Shahr - زیر پوست شهر2001Watch Now
The Longest Night - Shabe Yalda - شب یلدا2001Watch Now
The Burnt Slip - Nasle Sookhte - نسل سوخته1999
Baran and the Native - Baran Va Boomi - باران و بومی1998Watch Now
A Love Without Frontier - Eshghe bedoone marz - عشق بدون مرز1998Watch Now
The May Lady - Banoye Ordibehesht - بانوی اردیبهشت1998Watch Now
Cardboard Hotel - Hotel Carton - هتل کارتن1997
Through The Olive Trees - Zire Darakhatane Zeyton - زیر درختان زیتون1994
The Eclipse - Khosoof - خسوف1992
Statue - Mojasameh - مجسمه1992
Narges - Narges - نرگس1992Watch Now
Portrait of Love - Naghshe Eshgh - نقش عشق1990
The Lost Time - Zamane Az Dast Rafteh - زمان از دست رفته1990Watch Now
Scorching Pines - Senobarhaye Soozan - صنوبرهای سوزان1989Watch Now
The Willow Branches - Shakhehaye Bid - شاخه‌های بید1988
Grandfather - Pedarbozorg - پدربزرگ1986
Grandfather - Pedarbozorg - پدربزرگ1986
Datura - Tatooreh - تاتوره1985
Photographer (1 credit)