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Hengameh Ghaziani (هنگامه قاضیانی)


Hengameh Ghaziani (هنگامه قاضیانی)

Actor | Cinematographer | Writer | Producer

Born: May 20th 1970 in Iran

Prior to her creative career, Hengameh Ghaziani (هنگامه قاضیانی) studied Human Economy Geography at the Islamic Azad University in the Mashad and Shahre-Rey branches where she translated 'Red Man Land, White Man Law' by the American Historian Wilcomb E. Washburn. She is best known for her cinematic debut in Hassan Hedayt's 'Twilight' (2001) and her leading role in Aynehaye Rooberoo's 'Facing Mirrors' (2011). She began her theatrical career in 'Like Blood For Stake' produced by the Leev Theatre Group. Hengameh Ghaziani became a candidate from National Community of Iran Theatere In 2005 which lead to her role in 'The Notebook' (20 Read More.. 05) written by Jan Clude Career, directed by Katayoun Feiz Marandi.


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Hengameh Ghaziani (هنگامه قاضیانی)


Hengameh Ghaziani (هنگامه قاضیانی)

Actor | Cinematographer | Writer | Producer

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Cinematographer (1 credit)