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Hedayat Hashemi ( هدایت هاشمی )


Hedayat Hashemi ( هدایت هاشمی )


Born: March 8th 1975 in

Hedayat Hashemi ( هدایت هاشمی ) is an Iranian actor and director was born in Sabzevar. He has an M.A in directing. He made his stage debate in 1999. Hashemi made his film debut in 2005 in Bahman Farman-Ara's A Small Kiss. He has also appeared in While We Sleep, A Sugar cube, Laboratory and Chaos. Hedayat received a certificate of merit for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 28th Fajr International Film Festival for Please Do Not Disturb.


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Hedayat Hashemi ( هدایت هاشمی )


Hedayat Hashemi ( هدایت هاشمی )


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