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Hassan Pourshirazi (حسن پورشیرازی)


Hassan Pourshirazi (حسن پورشیرازی)

Producer | Actor | Set Designer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Hassan Pourshirazi (حسن پورشیرازی) is an actor, born in Tehran, Iran. He is known for The White Meadows (Keshtzar haye sepid) (2009), which earned him best actor at the Dubai International Film Festival, Santoori (2007), the critically acclaimed musical directed by Dariush Mehrjui, Half Moon (Niwemang) (2006), the multi-award-winning comedy musical, and Mum's Guest (2007). For 'Mum's Guest' he was nominated for a Crystal Phoenix at the Fajr Film Festival. Hassan Pourshirazi is married to the actress Mahnaz Afzali.


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Hassan Pourshirazi (حسن پورشیرازی)


Hassan Pourshirazi (حسن پورشیرازی)

Producer | Actor | Set Designer

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