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Hassan Majooni (حسن معجونی)


Hassan Majooni (حسن معجونی)

Director | Actor | Set Designer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Hassan Majooni is an Iranian actor known for his roles in Ghosts (2014), Tales (2014) and 'One. Two. One' (2011).


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Hassan Majooni (حسن معجونی)


Hassan Majooni (حسن معجونی)

Director | Actor | Set Designer

Actor (22 credits)
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The Passengers Tales - Ghesseha - قصه ها2014Watch Now
The Passengers Apparition - Ashbah - اشباح2014Watch Now
The Passengers Totol and the Chest Secret - Totol O Raze Sandoghcheh - تتل و راز صندوقچه2012Watch Now
The Passengers The Snow on the Pines - Barf Rooye Kajha - برف روی کاج‌ها2012Watch Now
The Passengers One.Two.One - Yek Do Yek - یک دو یک2011
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The Passengers Do Not Get a Reward from the President - Az Raeis Jomhoor Padash Nagirid - از رئیس جمهور پاداش نگیرید2008
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