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Hassan Karimi (حسن کریمی)


Hassan Karimi (حسن کریمی)

Director | Producer | Cinematographer

Born in 1957 in Tehran, Hassan Agha Karimi is graduated in Film and TV from Arts University. After beginning his career as assistant director in Dariush Farhang's The Spell and Bahram Beizai's Bashu, The Little Stranger, Agha Karimi worked as executive producer in numerous films such as Abbas Kiarostami's Close-Up and Kianoosh Ayyari's To Be Or Not To Be and Iranian Spread. His production credits also include Gholamreza Ramezani's The Locksmith. Death Journey is his directorial debut.


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Hassan Karimi (حسن کریمی)


Hassan Karimi (حسن کریمی)

Director | Producer | Cinematographer

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