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Hassan Fathi ( حسن فتحی )


Hassan Fathi ( حسن فتحی )

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer | Costume Designer

The director and screenwriter Hassan Fathi ( حسن فتحی ), born on the 1 September 1959, graduated in psychology before becoming well-known in the Iranian film and television industry. Significant television series of his are 'Shahrzad', 'The Forbidden Fruit' (Miveye Mamnooe), 'Madare Sefre Darajeh' (Zero Degree Turn, Zero Point Orbit) and 'Pahlevanan Nemimirant'. Hassan Fathi is especially known for 'Marriage, Iranian Style'(Ezdevaj Be Sabke Irani), 'The Postman Doesn't Knock 3 Times' (Postchi Se Bar Dar Nemizanad) , 'Punishment' (Keifar), 'Another Day' (Yek Rooz Digar).


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Hassan Fathi ( حسن فتحی )