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Hassan Joharchi ( حسن جوهرچی )


Hassan Joharchi ( حسن جوهرچی )

Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

Born: July 28th 1969 in Tehran

Joharchi, Hassan (born July 28, 1969, Tehran - died February 3, 2017, Tehran) Hassan Joharchi held a BA in Theater. He made his cinematic debut with 'Elephant in the Dark' (1989), but found nationwide fame with the series 'Under Your Protection' (1995). He acted in movies such as 'On the Wings of Angels' (1992), 'Banquet' (1995), 'Bitter Almonds' (1997), 'Two Women' (1998), 'Mr. President' (2000), and 'A Girl Named Tondar' (2000). Joharchi established himself as a star of the small screen with the series 'It Was an Angel' (2006). He also appeared in a number of series, including 'The Young Lawyers' (1995-1996), 'Like a Stranger' (2004), Read More.. 'Love's Homework' (2004-2005), 'Cocoons of Flight' (2005), 'Factor 8' (2009), 'Worlds Apart' (2010), 'Mirage' (2011), 'The White Nights' (2013), and 'Leila's Loneliness' (2015).


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Hassan Joharchi ( حسن جوهرچی )


Hassan Joharchi ( حسن جوهرچی )

Actor | Cinematographer | Writer