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Hanieh Tavassoli (هانیه توسلی)


Hanieh Tavassoli (هانیه توسلی)


Born: June 4th 1979 in Hamedan, Iran

Hanieh Tavassoli ( هانیه توسلی ) is an Iranian actress, born on 4 June 1979 in Hamedan. She has two older sisters and two younger ones. One of the older siblings is the famous journalist and film critic Homa Tavassoli. Hanieh Tavassoli first name means she who brings joy and happiness, and according to her friends and family this describes Haniehs character perfectly. She is an owner of the Best Actress award from the 2012 Fajr Film Festival.


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Hanieh Tavassoli (هانیه توسلی)


Hanieh Tavassoli (هانیه توسلی)


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