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Hamid Jebeli (حمید جبلی)


Hamid Jebeli (حمید جبلی)

Director | Actor | Writer | Costume Designer | Set Designer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Jebeli, Hamid (born 1958, Tehran) One of the best-loved Iranian actors, Jebeli enjoys nationwide fame and popularity. He started out his career at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, an experience which served as great inspiration for his future works. In 1978, he stepped on stage and marked the beginning of his professional career. Soon after, he joined the cast of 'Adineh' and subsequently appeared in several other TV dramas and program most of which were comedies.


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Hamid Jebeli (حمید جبلی)


Hamid Jebeli (حمید جبلی)

Director | Actor | Writer | Costume Designer | Set Designer

Actor (26 credits)
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