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Hamed Komeili (حامد کمیلی)


Hamed Komeili (حامد کمیلی)


Born: July 5th 1982 in Esfehan, Iran

Hamed Komeili (حامد کمیلی) a bachelor's degree in business management, computer technician and 10 years of theater. The work of the theater began and it continued in Tehran. He has a degree in theater from students Fereidoon Khosravi and Gulab Adineh. Hamed Komeili played on movies such as Doubt directed by Varuzh Karim-Masihi , Adam's son & Eva's Daughter directed by Rambod Javan and also The Swallows in Love directed by Ferial Behzad.


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Hamed Komeili (حامد کمیلی)


Hamed Komeili (حامد کمیلی)


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