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Hadis Fooladvand ( حدیث فولادوند )


Hadis Fooladvand ( حدیث فولادوند )


Born in Tehran,Iran

Hadis Fooladvand ( حدیث فولادوند ) born 1978 is an Iranian actress. She has worked with many famous Iranian directors. She is married to Rambod Shekar Aabi, who is also an actor. Hadis Fooladvand started her acting career as a child. At the age of 12, she was trained by Golab Adineh and went on stage to play "Golhaye Doosti". Her first appearance in a movie was in Dasthaye Aloode, directed by Siroos Alvand in 1999.


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Hadis Fooladvand ( حدیث فولادوند )


Hadis Fooladvand ( حدیث فولادوند )


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