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Hadi Hejazifar (هادی حجازی‌فر)


Hadi Hejazifar (هادی حجازی‌فر)

Actor | Writer | Cinematographer

Born: June 7th 1976 in Khoy, Iran

Hejazifar, Hadi (born June 7, 1976, Khoy) is an Iranian actor and director active in cinema and theater. He made his cinematic debut in 2004 with the movie ‘Father Field’ directed by Rasoul Mollaqolipour. Hejazifar gained a nationwide fame after appearing as commander Ahmad Motevasselian in 'Standing in the Dust'. Some of the movies in which he has appeared include ‘Midday Event’, ‘The Woodpecker’, ‘Lottery’, and 'Damascus Time'. Hejazifar’s performance in 'Standing in the Dust' won him a nomination for the Best Actor in a Leading Role from the 18th Iran Cinema Celebration in 2016. He was also nominated for Read More.. the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for appearing in 'Midday Event' at the 19th Iran Cinema Celebration and the 35th Fajr Film Festival in 2017.


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Hadi Hejazifar (هادی حجازی‌فر)