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Habib Rezaei (حبیب رضایی)


Habib Rezaei (حبیب رضایی)

Producer | Actor

Born: February 1st 1970 in Tehran, Iran

His first experience before the camera was in the series ‘The Green House’ (1996). He then appeared in the movie ‘The Glass Agency’ (1997) for which he received a Certificate of Merit from the Fajr International Film Festival for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Some of the movies in which he has appeared include ‘Bemani’ (2001), ‘Twenty’ (2001), ‘There's Always a Woman Involved’ (2007), ‘Joke’ (2008), ‘I'm a Mother’ (2010), ‘Absolutely Tame Is a Horse’ (2010), ‘Everything is for Sale’ (2012). His appearance in ‘Here, a Shining Light’ (2002) as well as ‘Bemani’ (2001) gained him nomination Read More.. s for Iran Cinema Celebration awards. He also won a Crystal Simorgh for Best Male Actor from the Fajr International Film Festival for his role in the movie ‘Here, A Shining Light’.


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Habib Rezaei (حبیب رضایی)


Habib Rezaei (حبیب رضایی)

Producer | Actor

Actor (21 credits)
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