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Habib Esmaili ( حبیب اسماعیلی)


Habib Esmaili ( حبیب اسماعیلی)

Producer | Actor | Director

Habib Esmaili ( حبیب اسماعیلی ) is an actor and producer whose career has spanned three decades. As an actor, his career began in 1980 with the film Parvaz Be Soonye Minoo and continued throughout the later 20 years of the 20th century. His career as a producer also began with Parvaz Be Soonye Minoo and has gone on to include Interrogation of a Crime (1983) and Rooz-E Didani (1994); with his most recent credit being Pato Zamin Nazar (2009).


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Habib Esmaili ( حبیب اسماعیلی)