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Ghorban Najafi


Ghorban Najafi

Actor | Director | Writer

Born on the 31 December 1969 in Shiraz, Ghorban Najafi received a BA in Theatre from the University of Tehran. Although primarily working within the theatre industry, Najafi also acted in numerous films among them is the multi-award-winning 'The Fifth Season' (1997), 'Paziraie Sadeh' (2012) and 'The Last Queen of the Earth' (2006).


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Ghorban Najafi


Ghorban Najafi

Actor | Director | Writer

Actor (26 credits)
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Pig Gene - Zhene Khook - ژن خوک2018Watch Now
The Cherry Garden - Baghe Albaloo - باغ آلبالو2016Watch Now
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Number 4 - Nomreye 4 - نمره ۴2015
Madness - Jonoun - جنون2015
The Sky Isn't Sunny - Aseman Aftabi Nist - آسمان آفتابي نيست2014
The Return - Bazgasht - بازگشت2014
Bardou - Ou Khoob Sang Mizanad - او خوب سنگ میزند2013
Modest Reception - Paziraei Sadeh - پذیرایی ساده2012
Beloved Sky - Asemane Mahboub - آسمان محبوب2011Watch Now
Mr. Manager - Aghaye Modir - آقای مدير2011
Tehran Tehran - Tehran Tehran - طهران تهران2010Watch Now
Granaz - Geranaz - گراناز2009Watch Now
Zero Point - Noghteye sefr - نقطه صفر2009
The Stranger Bride - Aroose Gharibeh - عروس غریبه2009
That Man Came - An Mard Amad - آن مرد آمد2007
Oraman - Oraamaan - اورامان2007
The Last Queen Of Earth - Akharin Malake Zamin - آخرین ملکه زمین2005Watch Now
Picnic at Battlefield - Picnic dar Meidane Jang - پیک‌ نیک در میدان جنگ2004
I Am Not Bin Laden - Man Ben Ladan Nistam - من بن لادن نیستم2004
Al-Ghazali : The Alchemist of Happiness - ال‌غزلی2004
Green Dream - Royaye Sabz - رويای سبز1999
Season Five - Fasle Panjom - فصل پنجم1997
Shadow to Shadow - Saye be Saye - سایه به سایه1996
Deadly Escape - Farare Margbar - فرار مرگبار1996