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Fereydoun Jeyrani (فریدون جیرانی‎)


Fereydoun Jeyrani (فریدون جیرانی‎)

Director | Producer | Writer

Born: August 18th 1951 in Kashmar, Iran

Born in Kashmar in 1951, Iranian filmmaker Fereydoun Jeyrani ( فریدون جیرانی‎ ) began his career at 21. After working in theatre, he then joined Mashad Free Cinema Group, later working as a screenwriter. Fereydoun Jeyrani penned the screenplay for Rassul Sadr-Ameli's 1984 highly-acclaimed box-office hit The Chrysanthemums


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Fereydoun Jeyrani (فریدون جیرانی‎)


Fereydoun Jeyrani (فریدون جیرانی‎)

Director | Producer | Writer

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