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Ferdous Kaviani ( فردوس كاويانی )


Ferdous Kaviani ( فردوس كاويانی )


Born: September 25th 1941 in Kerman, Iran

Ferdous Kaviani ( فردوس كاويانی ) has had an impressive career spanning over 40 years. His career as an actor began in 1972 with his role as Monkey in The City of Tales. Since then, he has gone on to have numerous roles in films such as Dar Masir Tondbad (1989), Killing Mad Dogs (2001) and Jayi Baraye Zendegi (2003). His most recent film, released exactly 40 years after his debut, was in 2012's Narenji Poush.


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Ferdous Kaviani ( فردوس كاويانی )