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Fathali Oveisi ( فتحعلی اویسی )


Fathali Oveisi ( فتحعلی اویسی )

Director | Actor | Writer

Born: January 21st 1945 in Orlando, USA

Fathali Oveisi ( فتحعلی اویسی ) was born in 1945 in Orlando.He is an American actor, director and former-Architect of Iranian descent. He has also directed two feature films.


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Fathali Oveisi ( فتحعلی اویسی )


Fathali Oveisi ( فتحعلی اویسی )

Director | Actor | Writer

Actor (43 credits)
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Reign of Love Just One Step to Death - Yek Ghadam Ta Marg - یک قدم تا مرگ 1999
Reign of Love Legion - Lezhion - لژیون1998
Reign of Love Incident in Kandovan - Hadese Dar Kandovan - حادثه در کندوان1996
Reign of Love Counter Attack - Patak - پاتک1995Watch Now
Reign of Love I Want to Stay Alive - Mikhaham Zendeh Bemanam - می‌خواهم زنده بمانم1994
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Reign of Love The Last Blood - Akharin khoon - آخرین خون1994
Reign of Love Marziyeh - Marzieh - مرضیه1994
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Reign of Love The Shadow of Imagination - Saye Khial - سایه خیال1991
Reign of Love The Story of A Lucky Man - Hekayate an marde khoshbakht - حکایت آن مرد خوشبخت1991
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