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Fatemeh Goudarzi (فاطمه گودرزی)


Fatemeh Goudarzi (فاطمه گودرزی)


Born in Tehran, Iran

Goudarzi, Fatemeh (born July 10, 1963, Tehran) Fatemeh Goudarzi has a degree in Economics and has completed a two-year acting course. Goudarzi started her professional career by acting in the TV series ‘Grandma’s Galoshes' in 1988. She made her cinematic debut in 1990 by starring in Rajab Mohamadin’s 'For Everything'. She won a Crystal Simorgh for the best actress from the ninth edition of Fajr International Film Festival for the feature film ‘Ghazal’ (1993). Her most notable TV series include ‘Rana’ (1988-1991), ‘Apartment’ (1993), 'Parents' Problems' (2001), ‘A Mother’s Song’ (2008), and 'Worlds Apart' Read More.. (2010). Her most famous movies are ‘Tankers’ War’ (1993), 'I Want to Stay Alive' (1994), 'Rival of the Heart' (1996), 'The Victorious Warrior' (1998), ‘Telephone’ (1999), 'Marriage Iranian Style’ (2004), ‘Pink Wedding’ (2004), 'Empty Hands' (2006), 'Mah Monir' (2008), and 'What Men don't Know About Women' (2013).


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Fatemeh Goudarzi (فاطمه گودرزی)


Fatemeh Goudarzi (فاطمه گودرزی)


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