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Farzad Motamen ( فرزاد مؤتمن )


Farzad Motamen ( فرزاد مؤتمن )

Director | Writer | Producer

Farzad Motamen ( فرزاد مؤتمن ) is an Iranian director mostly known for the movie 'White Nights (Shabhaye Rooshan), and his 2015 feature film 'The Long Goodbye' (Khodahafezi Toolani) which garnered two Crystal Symorghs for Best Actor and Best Set and Costume Design, as well as the Diploma of Honor Prize for Best Screenplay at the 2015 Fajr Film Festival. Motamen also directed 'Seven Acts' (Haft Pardeh), 'Poopak Mash Mashallah', 'Sounds' (Sedaha) and the 2015 romantic drama film 'Twilight' (Sayeh Rooshan). More recently, Farzad Motamen released the 2016 movie 'When Was the Last Time You Saw Sahar?' (Akharin Bad Key Sahar Ra Didi?)


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Farzad Motamen ( فرزاد مؤتمن )