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Farimah Farjami ( فریماه فرجامی‎ )


Farimah Farjami ( فریماه فرجامی‎ )


Born in Tehran,Iran

Farimah Farjami ( فریماه فرجامی‎ ) graduated in Dramatic Literature from Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Tehran in 1977, and has worked on stage since 1976. She began acting in films in 1980. Farimah Farjami's performances in the roles of wandering and wavering young or middle age women who struggle with psychological and personal problems were admired by film critics, and won awards for The Lead (1988, Masoud Kimiai), The Last Act (1990, Varouj Karim-Masihi), and Nargess (1992, Rakhshan Bani Etemad) from International Fajr Film Festival.


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Farimah Farjami ( فریماه فرجامی‎ )