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Farid Mirkhani


Farid Mirkhani

Director | Producer | Editor | Writer

Born in Tabriz, Iran

Farid Mirkhani is a Director and a film producer currently living in Tehran, He was born and raised in Azarbaijan in IRAN. Early on in his career he began as an editor of short films in 2002 and made a short film in Tabriz (2003) . As a child Farid Mirkhani studied cinema in tabriz and graduated in medical doctorate in Tabriz and Kashan. His career as a director started off when he was 19 years old. he was discovered by a medical documentaries producers and started making medical documentaries from 2006. Later on Farid Mirkhani worked internationally and was represented by agencies world wide. ?In the 2011 he started making his first feature Read More.. d film ( The tender moment of sand) and now started on making a new featured film (ventilator). Filmography: The day 253 (2002), A short film about waiting (2003), A poem for scarecrow (2003), Landscape (2004), In the name of affect (2005), Life (2005), Intermittent fever (2006), Some vocals for and oldman (2007), The tender moment of sand (2011)


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Farid Mirkhani