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Fariborz Lachini ( فریبرز لاچینی )


Fariborz Lachini ( فریبرز لاچینی )


Fariborz Lachini ( فریبرز لاچینی) is a well-known film score composer, born on the 25 August 1949, in Tehran, Iran. He started writing music for children when he was 18 and his work Songs of Seasons & Colours (1976) caught the attention of the royal family. After the Islamic Revolution Lachini moved to Europe to study Musicology at the Universite de Paris-Sorbonne. He is known for Foreign Soil (2007), 365 Boots on Ground (2005) and the musical Pomegranate and Cane (1989).


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Fariborz Lachini ( فریبرز لاچینی )


Fariborz Lachini ( فریبرز لاچینی )


Music (54 credits)
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