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Fariborz Arabnia ( فریبرز عرب‌نیا )


Fariborz Arabnia ( فریبرز عرب‌نیا )

Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

Born: April 28th 1964 in Tehran,Iran

Fariborz Arabnia ( فریبرز عرب‌نیا ) was born on 28 April 1964 in Niavaran, Tehran. After completing military service, Fariborz Arabnia moved to Turkey to study at the Middle East University at the Managing. He left Turkey in 1988 and returned to Iran, where he began experimenting in theater. He directed many shows from 1988 to 1990, such as Avazekhan-e Tas, Kaligola, and Dayere Ghachi Ghafghazi. He started his career in cinema in 1990, and appeared in several movies. However, the film Feast (1996) marked him as one of the best actors of the era. Lauded by critics at the Fajr Film Festival, Fariborz Arabnia's acting career flouri Read More.. shed into the 2000s. Biography by IMVBox.com


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Fariborz Arabnia ( فریبرز عرب‌نیا )


Fariborz Arabnia ( فریبرز عرب‌نیا )

Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

Actor (41 credits)
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Cinematographer (1 credit)