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Fariba Kowsari (فریبا کوثری)


Fariba Kowsari (فریبا کوثری)

Producer | Actor

Born: November 22nd 1966 in Zahedan, Iran

Born in the city of Zahedan, Fariba Kowsari (فریبا کوثری) has a high school diploma in economics. She started her acting career in 1988 with the telefilm The Face of a Zionist. Fariba Kowsari has appeared in several films including Song of Tehran, Superstar and The Broken-Hearted. Kosari is best known for her TV performances in dramas such as Lost Innocence, Mokhtar Nameh and The Devotees.


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Fariba Kowsari (فریبا کوثری)


Fariba Kowsari (فریبا کوثری)

Producer | Actor

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