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Farhad Aeesh (فرهاد آئیش)


Farhad Aeesh (فرهاد آئیش)

Director | Actor | Writer

Born: October 18th 1952 in Tehran, Iran

Farhad Aeesh (فرهاد آئیش) was born in Tehran. He studied directing and photography in the UK and the US. He directed and acted in a number of plays in English and Persian before returning to Iran in 1998 where he continued stage directing and acting. He has played in films and dramas such as Dear! I'm In No Mood, Autobahn, Shamsolemareh and 3-5-2.


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Farhad Aeesh (فرهاد آئیش)


Farhad Aeesh (فرهاد آئیش)

Director | Actor | Writer

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