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Faramarz Sadighi ( فرامرز صدیقی )


Faramarz Sadighi ( فرامرز صدیقی )

Actor | Director | Writer

Born in Kurdestan, Iran

Faramarz Sadighi ( فرامرز صدیقی ) is an Iranian actor was born in the province of Kurdestan. He studied Theatre at university and immediately after graduation stepped on stage. He made his cinematic debut in 1972 with the movie Spring and subsequently took roles in several other movies like The Devoted, The Last Flight, The Love Squadron and Story for which he received the Crystal Symorgh for Best Actor at the 10th Fajr International Film Festival. Alongside his acting career, Sediqi has tried his hand at writing as well as directing the movie Bait in 1992. Sediqi is also a well-known face on TV and has appeared in many different Read More.. dramas.


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Faramarz Sadighi ( فرامرز صدیقی )