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Faraj Heidari (فرج حیدری)


Faraj Heidari (فرج حیدری)

Cinematographer | Actor | Photographer

Faraj Heidari is an Iranian cinematographer known for the multi-award winning film 'Nassereddin Shah, Actor-e Cinema' (1992), 'The Unwanted Woman' (2005), which won three awards at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival, and the critically acclaimed controversial documentary '10 + 4' (Dah be alaveh chahar) (2007).


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Faraj Heidari (فرج حیدری)


Faraj Heidari (فرج حیدری)

Cinematographer | Actor | Photographer

Cinematographer (44 credits)
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Friend - Rafigh - رفیق1976
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Photographer (1 credit)