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Esmaeil Mihandoost ( اسماعیل میهن‌دوست )


Esmaeil Mihandoost ( اسماعیل میهن‌دوست )

Director | Producer | Writer

Born in Khoy, Iran

Esmaeil Mihandoost ( اسماعیل میهن‌دوست ) Education: B.A. International Economics (from Commerce University of Tehran 1977), Cinema Directing (from Experimental Film Foundation 1991) Professional Experience:Making short Films:Me, Rear Window and the Hitch, Phobia , The Hour 13, The Award Directing TV series: The Adventures of House Number 13, The Moon and the Fire, The Old House, The Neighbourhood Attorney. Documentaries: Producer and editor of Mourning Ceremony, Producer and adviser of the Flyovers of sanctuary, Producer and adviser of What Lies Beneath, Research and director adviser of Acidity robbers, Producer and directo Read More.. r adviser of Darn of Persian rug. Writer and director of Abadgaran(2011). Other Experiences: Iranian society of Film critics jury member at Cinema Verite/Iran International Documentary film Festival (second edition). The jury member of Iran International Documentary film Festival (third edition). Teaching cinema in Soore Institute of Advanced Education(Esfahan), Art University of Yazd, University of Applied Science and Technology (Soroush )and Jam-e-Jam cinema Institute. Managing Director of Nouran Film Arya,Cultural& Artistic Institute.


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Esmaeil Mihandoost ( اسماعیل میهن‌دوست )