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Esmaeel Mehrabi


Esmaeel Mehrabi

Producer | Actor

Born in Tehram, Iran

Mehrabi, Esmaeel (born 1944, Tehran) Esmaeel Mehrabi studied theater at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran. His debut movie was ' Vultures Die' (1980), by Jamshid Heydari. Mehrabi has appeared in several TV series, including 'Bewilderment' (2012), 'The Green House' (1996), 'The Loneliest Commander' (1995), 'Fear’s Reward' (1992), 'Hezar Dastan' (1987), 'Avicenna' (1985) and 'Sarbedaran' (1984). He has also taken part in various movies, such as 'Mother’s Kisses' (2009), 'Nima Yooshij' (2006) and 'The Courtship' (1989).


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Esmaeel Mehrabi