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Elika Abdolrazaghi


Elika Abdolrazaghi


Abdolrazzaqi, Elika (born August 9, 1979, Ramsar) Elika Abdolrazzaqi has a bachelor's degree in Dramatic Literature and attended the Samandarian Institute of Dramatic Arts. She has taken part in several telefilms, such as 'Men of Earth' (2011) and 'The Sky Isn't Always Cloudy' (2013). Abdolrazzaqi has also appeared in various TV series, including 'Missing' (1998), 'Mozaffar’s Garden' (2006), 'The Forbidden Fruit' (2007), 'The Man of a Thousand Faces' (2007), 'Bitter Coffee' (2010), 'Made in Iran' (2011), 'My Villa' (2012), 'Mozaffar’s Treasure' (2013) and 'Look Back Sometimes' (2015). She has taken several roles in movies as well, inc Read More.. luding 'A Place to Live' (2003), 'The Magical Generation' (2006) , 'Morning’s Child' (2008) and 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus' (2012). The Iranian actress is married to the popular TV and cinema actor Amin Zendegani.


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Elika Abdolrazaghi