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Elham Charkhandeh ( الهام چرخنده )


Elham Charkhandeh ( الهام چرخنده )


Charkhandeh, Elham (born June 24, 1978, Kashan) Charkhandeh began her acting career in 1996 with the movie ‘Mahtab’s Wedding’ and gained fame with Kioumars Ahmadpour’s ‘Yalda Night’ in 2001. She has appeared in the movies ‘Homa’ (2001), ‘Sogand’ (2008), ‘The White Hills’ (2012), ‘Horses Still Gallop’ (2013) and ‘Love and Madness’ (2013). Charkhandeh has also performed in the series ‘The Circle of Suspicion’ (2001), ‘I’m a Tenant’ (2001), ‘Parvaneh’ (2013), ‘The Sound of Rain’ (2013) and ‘My Sky’ (2014).


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Elham Charkhandeh ( الهام چرخنده )