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Behnoosh Tabatabaei (بهنوش طباطبایی)


Behnoosh Tabatabaei (بهنوش طباطبایی)


Born: May 17th 1981 in Tehran, Iran

Behnoosh Tabatabaei ( بهنوش طباطبایی ) has a degree in Computer Sciences and took an acting course with Keshan Fallah at the Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts after which she began her career as an actress.Her first television acting experience was in the drama Damoon Alley in 2000. Behnoosh Tabatabaei found fame with the drama Passenger from India. She has also appeared in the films Leaf on a Branch, Calamites of the Maiden and Kalagh Par. More recently, Behnoosh Tabatabaei appeared in Behnooz Shoeibi's 2016 movie 'Potassium Cyanide'.


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Behnoosh Tabatabaei (بهنوش طباطبایی)


Behnoosh Tabatabaei (بهنوش طباطبایی)


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