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Behnaz Jafari (بهناز جعفری)


Behnaz Jafari (بهناز جعفری)

Director | Actor | Writer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Behnaz Jafari (بهناز جعفری) is an Iranian actress earned a degree in Dramatic Literature from Islamic Azad University. She made her film debut with a small role in the 1994 film Girl with The Blue Scarf. She has, since, appeared in several movies including Dementia, House on Water and The President's Cell phone. Despite only having a short role in House on Water, her outstanding performance won her a Crystal Symorgh for Best Actress in a Supporting Role from the 20th International Fajr Festival. Jaafari also won a Diploma of Honor for Best Actress for The President's Cell phone at the 30th International Fajr Festival. She has also a Read More.. cted in a few TV productions including Red Soil, Mokhtar Nameh and The Age of Rebellion. More recently, Behnaz Jafari appeared in Reza Dormishian's third feature film 'Lantouri' (2016).


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Behnaz Jafari (بهناز جعفری)


Behnaz Jafari (بهناز جعفری)

Director | Actor | Writer

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