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Behnam Behzadi ( بهنام بهزادی )


Behnam Behzadi ( بهنام بهزادی )

Director | Producer | Editor | Writer

Behnam Behzadi ( بهنام بهزادی ) was born in 1972 in Boroujen, Iran and obtained a diploma in cinema from the faculty of Seda & Cima in Tehran in1995. He began his artistic activities in the theatre and photography whilst directing shorts in 8mm & 16mm formats as well as video. Over the past few years he's written scripts, worked in editing and collaborated with various scriptwriters including Bahman Ghobadi with whom he was co-script writer for the film Nive mang/Half Moon. Behnam Behzadi has also worked in marketing and advertising and was for some time artistic director of the campaign against cruelty to children. His first featu Read More.. re film 'We Only Live Twice' (2007) was nominated in several festivals including Asia Pacific Film Festival and won prizes in Osian Cinefan Film Festival. 5 years later, he made his second Film 'The Rule of Accident'. Behzadi's 'Varoonegi' made it to the shortlist in the 'Un Certain Regard' category at Cannes Film Festival in 2016.


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Behnam Behzadi ( بهنام بهزادی )