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Baran Kosari (باران کوثری)


Baran Kosari (باران کوثری)

Director | Actor | Costume Designer

Born: October 17th 1985 in Tehran, Iran

Iranian actress Baran Kosari ( باران کوثری ) graduated in Stage Acting from Sooreh Art University. She made her acting debut in 1991 in Best Dad in the World.


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Baran Kosari (باران کوثری)

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Baran Kosari (باران کوثری)

Director | Actor | Costume Designer

Actor (49 credits)
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Golden Tooth Night, Out - Shab, Birun - شب، بیرون2014
Golden Tooth Drought and Lies - Khoshksali Va Dorough - خشکسالی و دروغ2014Watch Now
Golden Tooth Tales - Ghesseha - قصه ها2014Watch Now
Golden Tooth I'm Not Angry - Asabani Nistam - من عصبانی نیستم 2014
Golden Tooth Mastaneh - مستانه2013Watch Now
Golden Tooth Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه2012Watch Now
Golden Tooth A Cube of Sugar - Yek Habbeh Ghand - یه حبه قند2011Watch Now
Golden Tooth Absolutely Tame is a Horse - Asb Heivane Najibi Ast - اسب حیوان نجیبی است2011Watch Now
Golden Tooth I am a Mother - Man Madar Hastam - من مادر هستم2011Watch Now
Golden Tooth Hatred - Boghz - بغض2011Watch Now
Golden Tooth Story of Pariya - Ghesseye Pariya - قصه پریا2011Watch Now
Golden Tooth Please Don't Disturb - Lotfan Mozahem Nashavid - لطفا مزاحم نشوید2010Watch Now
Golden Tooth Nothing - Hich - هیچ2010
Golden Tooth Heiran - حیران2009Watch Now
Golden Tooth Mizak - می زاک2009Watch Now
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Golden Tooth Shirin - شیرین2008
Golden Tooth White Sneakers - Katooni Sefid - کتونی سفید2008Watch Now
Golden Tooth The Magical Generation - Nasle Jadoi - نسل جادویی2007Watch Now
Golden Tooth Recrudescence - Zohoore Mojadad - ظهور مجدد2007
Golden Tooth The Third Day - Rooze-Sevvom - روز سوم2006Watch Now
Golden Tooth Mainline - Khoon Baazi - خون بازی2006Watch Now
Golden Tooth Crossroads - Taghato - تقاطع2006Watch Now
Golden Tooth Girls Hostel - Khabgahe Dokhtaran - خوابگاه دختران2005Watch Now
Golden Tooth Gilaneh - گیلانه2004Watch Now
Golden Tooth Dancing in the Dust - رقص در غبار‎‎2003Watch Now
Golden Tooth The Winning Card - Barge Barandeh - برگ برنده2003Watch Now
Golden Tooth Our Times - Roozegare Ma - روزگار ما2002Watch Now
Golden Tooth Under the Skin of the City - Zire Pooste Shahr - زیر پوست شهر2001Watch Now
Golden Tooth The May Lady - Banoye Ordibehesht - بانوی اردیبهشت1998Watch Now
Golden Tooth Baran and the Native - Baran Va Boomi - باران و بومی1998Watch Now
Golden Tooth The Blue Veiled - Roosari Abi - روسری آبی1995Watch Now
Golden Tooth The Best Dad In the World - Behtarin Babaye Donya - بهترین بابای دنیا1991
Golden Tooth Golden Tooth - Dandoon Tala - دندون طلاWatch Now