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Bahram Tavakoli (بهرام توکلی)


Bahram Tavakoli (بهرام توکلی)

Director | Editor | Writer

Born: December 25th 1976 in Iran

Winning numerous awards, the director and writer Bahram Tavakoli (بهرام توکلی) is a well-established filmmaker of the new generation of Iranian cinema. One of his most successful works is 'Here without Me' (2011), which explores the struggle to survive and the importance to dream for a dysfunctional family in contemporary Iran. It is a breathtaking adaptation of Tennessee Williams 'The Glass Menagerie' and was not only directed, but also written by Bahram Tavakoli. Bahram Tavakoli is also known for Biganeh, The Shallow Yellow Sky (Asemane Zarde Kam Omgh), A Walk in the Fog (Parse Dar Meh), Barefoot in Paradise (Pa Berahne Dar Behesh Read More.. t) and I am Diego Maradona (Man Diego Maradona Hastam).


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Bahram Tavakoli (بهرام توکلی)


Bahram Tavakoli (بهرام توکلی)

Director | Editor | Writer