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Bahram Radan (بهرام رادان)


Bahram Radan (بهرام رادان)

Producer | Actor

Born: April 28th 1979 in Tehran, Iran

Bahram Radan ( بهرام رادان ) is an award-winning Iranian actor, born on 28 April 1979. While working towards a degree in Business Management in college, Radan attended acting classes. His first big role was in The Passion of Love, which was one of the top grossing movies of 2000. Since then Radan has starred in 27 movies and is now one of the major stars of Iranian cinema. Bahram Radan was chosen by the United Nations as the first Iranian UN Ambassador Against Hunger. Radan has also ventured into music and released his first album The Other Side in 2012.


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Bahram Radan (بهرام رادان)


Bahram Radan (بهرام رادان)

Producer | Actor

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Producer (1 credit)