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Atash Taghipour ( آتش تقی‌پور‎ )


Atash Taghipour ( آتش تقی‌پور‎ )

Actor | Producer

Born in Khoy, Iran

Atash Taqipour ( آتش تقی‌پور‎ ) was born in the city of Khoy. He received his high school diploma in literature and in 1966 entered Tehran University Faculty of Dramatic Arts where he participated in a number of student projects. In 1979, he graduated with a degree in acting and directing. His first serious acting role was in Roknelddin Khosrawis Zaman Khan's Reign


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Atash Taghipour ( آتش تقی‌پور‎ )


Atash Taghipour ( آتش تقی‌پور‎ )

Actor | Producer

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