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Ashkan Eshtiagh ( اشكان اشتياق )


Ashkan Eshtiagh ( اشكان اشتياق )


Eshtiagh, Ashkan (born June 27, 1982, Tehran) Eshtiagh has studied Graphics and began acting in 1997 with the series 'Shirin's World'. His performance in the comedy series 'Under the City's Sky' (2001) turned him into a well-known actor and he subsequently became a reliable choice for comedy roles. Eshtiagh has appeared in the series '3x4' (2007), 'Three Shares Each' (2011), 'Huge Problems 1 and 2' (2013-2015) and 'Breach' (2014). He has also performed in the movies 'Left-Handed' (2005), 'Boys Are Not Born Soldiers' (2008), 'The Lover' ('Deldadeh') (2008), 'Treasure of the White House (2009) and 'One for All' (2001).


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Ashkan Eshtiagh ( اشكان اشتياق )