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Arsalan Qasemi ( ارسلان قاسمی )


Arsalan Qasemi ( ارسلان قاسمی )

Actor | Director

Born: May 22nd 1995 in Tehran, Iran

Ghasemi, Arsalan (born May 22, 1995, Tehran) Ghasemi first appeared on television in 2003 with the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ directed by Masoud Jafari Jozani. Some movies which he appeared in include ‘The Wedding Dinner’ (2005), ‘Cold Soil’ (2006), ‘The Music Box’ (2007), ‘Private Precinct’ (2008), ‘The Orange Taxi’ (2008) and ‘Scandal’ (2012). Qasemi has also played roles in the series ‘Dark Intelligence 1 and 2’ (2009-2013), ‘Worlds Apart’ (2010), ‘Until Being with Sorayya’ (2001) and ‘Seven Stones’ (2013).


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Arsalan Qasemi ( ارسلان قاسمی )