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Aria Aziminejad


Aria Aziminejad


Aria Aziminejad is an Iranian composer who was born on the 25th of April, 1973 in Tehran. Coming from a family of artists, Nejad studied music at the Azad University and started pursuing his career as a composer while he was still at university. Nejad has composed music for many films, such as M for Mother (2006) and Gold and Copper (2011), and also for television and theatre.


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Aria Aziminejad


Aria Aziminejad


Music (36 credits)
Michael Local Anaesthetic - Bi Hessie Mozeie - بی‌حسی موضعی2018
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Michael A Case For Sara - Parvandei Baraye Sara - پرونده‌ای برای سارا 2016
Michael In the Specified Time - Dar Modate Maloom - در مدت معلوم2016Watch Now
Michael Lollipop - Abnabat Choobi - آبنبات چوبی2016Watch Now
Michael The Half - Nim - نیم2016
Michael Everything is Normal - Hame Chi Adie - همه چی عاديه2016Watch Now
Michael Princess Of Rome - Shahzadeh Rom - شاهزاده روم2015
Michael Dreamy - Khab ZadehHa - خواب‌ زده ها2014
Michael Tragedy - Trazhedy - تراژدی2014Watch Now
Michael Guinness - Giness - گینس2014Watch Now
Michael Mastaneh - Mastaaneh - مستانه2013Watch Now
Michael The Cheque - Chek - چک2012Watch Now
Michael Private Life - Zendegi Khosoosi - زندگی خصوصی2012Watch Now
Michael Gold and Copper - Tala va Mes - طلا و مس2011
Michael Awakening Dreams - Bidariye Royaha - بیداری رویاها2010Watch Now
Michael Intrusive - Nofoozi - نفوذی2008Watch Now
Michael There's Always a Woman in Between - Hamisheh Paye Yek Zan Dar Mian Ast - همیشه پای یک زن در میان است2008Watch Now
Michael Across the River - Aan Souye Roodkhane - آنسوی رودخانه2008
Michael The Earth Child - Farzande Khaak - فرزند خاک2007Watch Now
Michael Western Doll - Aroosak Farangi - عروسک فرنگی2006Watch Now
Michael A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral - Chand Kilo Khorma Baraye Marasseme Tadfin - چند کیلو خرما برای مراسم تدفین2006
Michael M for Mother - Mim Mesle Madar - میم مثل مادر2006 Watch Now
Michael Mask - Neghab - نقاب2005
Michael The Lucky Bride - Arouse Khosh Ghadam - عروس خوش‌قدم2002Watch Now
Capital (All Seasons)Capital (All Seasons) - Paytakht - پایتخت Watch Now
Capital (All Seasons)Capital (All Seasons) - Paytakht - پایتخت Watch Now
Capital (All Seasons)Capital (All Seasons) - Paytakht - پایتخت Watch Now
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Paridokht Paridokht - پریدختWatch Now
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The Sore The Sore - Jerahat - جراحتWatch Now
Michael Michael - Mikaeil - میکائیلWatch Now