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Anahita Nemati (آناهیتا نعمتی)


Anahita Nemati (آناهیتا نعمتی)


Born: July 11th 1977 in Shahrud, Iran

Anahita Nemati ( آناهیتا نعمتی ) born in 1977, is an Iranian model and actress. She trained at the Theatre Institute and then took her first steps into an acting career in 1996 with feature 'Hiva'. Alongside this, she also played in a few TV serials such as 'Mosafer' and 2014 historical and political drama 'Kolah Pahlavi'. In 2010, she played in Esmaeil Mihandoost's feature 'A Very Close Encounter', the following year Annahita Nemati reached the zenith of her career being nominated for her role in feature 'Aal' and also for her performance in 'Snow on Hot Gable' at the 2011 Fajr International Film Festival. She was also invited t Read More.. o take part as jury member in the 2011 Avanca International Film Festival in Portugal. In the same year, her movies were on the best-seller list and she was announced as the second well-paid actress of the year. More recently, Anahita Nemati also starred in 2012 feature 'Someone Wants to Talk to You' and 'Unripe Pomegranates', the latter was screened at at Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran, Moscow International Film festival and at the 38th edition of Sao Paulo International Film Festival in 2014.


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Anahita Nemati (آناهیتا نعمتی)


Anahita Nemati (آناهیتا نعمتی)


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