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Amir Jafari (امیر جعفری)


Amir Jafari (امیر جعفری)


Born: September 1st 1974 in Tehran, Iran

Amir Jafari ( امیر جعفری ) was born on the 1 September 1974. He is an award-winning actor, known for films such as 'Ghaedeye tasadof' (2013), 'Gharche sami' (2002) and 'Nan va eshgh va motor 1000' (2002). After completing his degree in Management, he studied acting under Hamid Samandarian. Amir Jafari is married to the writer and actor Rima R. Farr. Biography by IMVBox


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Amir Jafari (امیر جعفری)


Amir Jafari (امیر جعفری)


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